Donate to New Polar Bear Exhibit in Buffalo, NY  - 2013The Buffalo Zoo has received an additional polar bear cub, Kali,  that was orphaned in Alaska. She arrived in Buffalo on May 14th. It is going hopefully going to be a companion for our own Luna polar bear cub.  However, if we want to keep Kali and have this companion for Luna, we MUST raise another $3 million dollars – we are now at $15 of the $18 million needed is we want to keep Kali so both bears could make Buffalo its permanent home. If we don’t, the bears will be separated and Kali may be shipped off to St. Louis. SO, donate whatever you can –$5 or $500 so we can keep these amazing bears together. (Do you know how HOT and HUMID it is in St. Louis? – not a great place for polar bears so donate today)

The Buffalo Zoo new polar bear exhibit–it has $15 million, but needs $18 million. Make a polar pledge by texting zoobear to 56512 or pledge here on-line.

See the Kali YouTube video

See Kali and Luna YouTube video

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