The East Aurora flea market and auction house  has now opened. This past weekend we checked it out. It is more similar to Clarence than Walden’s Super Flea. There is a long row of garages with roll up doors. Each garage also has a walk-in door and it is heated inside. So, there is along exterior walkway and you have to enter the doors of each of the garage selling areas.  As of November 23, there were around 8 vendors. Military, pet, jewelry, general merchandise and a produce guy. So, it is not like Walden with a large room with multiple vendors and heating. Each of these garages are heated individually.

Of these, the produce guy had fruits and vegetables about 25-50% less than Tops, so if you live nearby might be worth a visit. As for the others – going in and out of the doors in the winter isn’t perfect (for the vendor with each cold blast and the customer – hot/cold). As the weather gets warmer next year and there are also outside flea market vendors, we expect this to be more interesting and diverse.  I

Flea market tables outside are tentatively set at $15 a day, $25 for the weekend (open if you want to brave the cold and vendors come). Otherwise, there are vendors inside. They currently have one area open. It is $300 for an enclosed space (they have several new buildings). They will also have weekly auctions.

New Flea Market in East Aurora, NY