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Save Monarch Butterflies-Milkweed Plant Sale- May, 2017

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Monarch Watch sells milkweed by the flat, which means you will be making a minimum purchase of 32 plants for most areas. This is the amount of plants that would be appropriate for a 100 square foot garden orRead more

2017- Best Farmers Markets in Greater Buffalo, NY

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Buffalo, NY

Farmers Markets in greater Buffalo New York. If you are one of those people who stop for every fruit and veggie stand, then you will enjoy the fresh produce at the farmer markets throughout the Buffalo area. Downtown BuffaloRead more

Tree Peony Festival of Flowers–May 27-28 and June 3-4, 2017– Pavilion, NY

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1912 York Road, Pavilion, NY 14525

Tree Peony Festival of Flowers is-May 27-28 and June 3-4 from 9am to 4pm at Linwood Gardens. $10, guided historical tour – $15.  Linwood Gardens is 35 miles southwest of Rochester in Genesee Valley. The tree peonies date from 1940.Read more