With ice fishing you can catch perch, sunfish, pickerel, northern pike, walleye and in some places lake trout and landlocked salmon. Learn what you need to go ice fishing.

Beaver Island State Park Marina (Grand Island) – Yellow Perch, Smelt, Sunfish, Northern Pike, Largemouth Bass – Regulations

Big Six Mile Creek State Marina (inlet off Upper Niagara River located over Whitehaven Road) – Yellow Perch, Sunfish, Northern Pike, Largemouth Bass. Regulations

Downtown Buffalo Small Boat Harbor – foot of Ontario Street and there are huts on the Erie Canal just south of 198 and 190.

Tonawanda – Ellicott Creek Park – Creekside DriveBest Ice Fishing in Buffalo and Erie County, New York - 2014ice fishing in buffalo and erie county

Tuscarora Bay – Wilson – Access ice from state boat launch at Wilson Tuscarora State Park off Route 18. Regulations

Presque Isle State Park – Misery Bay or Presque Isle Bay – Steelhead, bass, trout, walleye, perch. Ice boating is permissible.

Bear Lake and Cassadaga Lake – Pomfret – Stockton. Regulations and Info

Chautauqua Lake – Chautauqua, North Harmony, Busti, Ellergy – Regulations and info

Finley Lake – Mina – Regulations and Info

Trout Fishing

Fishing Licenses

Ice Thickness Table
Ice Thickness Permissible Load
2 inches one person on foot
3 inches group in single file
7.5 inches one car (2 tons)
8 inches light truck (2.5 tons)
10 inches truck (3.5 tons)
12 inches heavy truck (7-8 tons)
15 inches 10 tons
20 inches 25 tons