The East Aurora flea market, farmers market and auction house is open year round . The produce is great and inexpensive.

There are three areas for winter table rental:

1. Flea Market Outside – Weekends (Sat/Sun) – Tables are $10 a day, $20 for the weekend. The outdoor space is 24 x 24 and you can rent a table for $3. You can reserve a specific space is you pay in advance.

2. Year Round – Emporium Building- Indoors – Weekends (Sat/Sun – Friday you can set up). For Antiques, cost is $150 to April with no lease. Space is 12 x 11 feet. 24 Hr Security cameras.

3. Indoors – Garage Door with a Walk-In Door – heated. $300 a month with no  lease. 12 x 25 foot space. There is a long row of garages with roll up doors. Each garage also has a walk-in door and it is heated inside. Military, pet, jewelry, general merchandise and a produce guy so far. Each of these garages are heated individually. Vendor quality an imperative.Of these, the produce guy had fruits and vegetables about 25-50% less than Tops, so if you live nearby might be worth a visit weekly.

To reserve a space or tables, call Russ at 716-870-8950 or Nicole at 800-536-1401 x 103

Long term, there were also be auctions.

Directions from Buffalo:

Route 90 – Route 400 – East Aurora/20A exit, left off exit onto 20A – 1 mile down on right


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