What are the traffic implications of installing 7 additional traffic lights, 8 total with existing Parkside, on 2.2 of the 3.6 miles of the Route 198- Scajaquada Corridor? Given that 30,000 to 40,000 people travel this highway daily, this may be challenging.

2.2 miles=11,616 feet divided by 8 traffic lights =1462 feet or .275 miles. No worries about going 30 mph, you won’t be even able to accelerate that far. When we asked the DOT, they said that maybe during rush hour the lights could be timed. Then, one has to ask, why have the lights in the first place?

This also means that Route I-190 will be backed up further. It has already been voted #43 in the Worst Commutes– Highways to Hell, 16.5 mph.

And, there is likely to be increased congestion on Route 33 which already creates back-ups on Route I-90.

And, what are the two top reasons to live in Buffalo-cost of living and less traffic nightmares than other major markets. If Buffalo proceeds with the changes to Route 198 and the Skyway, there are 40,000 from Route 198 and 46,000 vehicles that will now be using Route I-190, I-290 and and I-90 s0 we will now be ranked higher on worst commutes in the US.