Visit the New USS Little Rock at Canalside when it arrives earlier than expected on  December 4 at 9am. The commissioning ceremony is December 16 at 11am and tickets for the 9000 spectators (tickets are no longer available for this).

Canalside will have secured perimeter and have an entry point at which people will have to go through similar to airport security to view the ship.

Schedule of Events (note this has not been updated to reflect the new arrival date, so keep checking their website link here).  Their website stills says arrival on the 8th vs. 4th so keep checking as they revise it.

December 16- Buffet inside the Liberty Hound- sold out.

Buffalo USS Little Rock had 1400 crew, new one has 100.

Buffalo USS Little Rock had 25 feet draft, new one has 13.5 feet (allows for use in Asian and shallower places)

Buffalo USS Little Rock is 610 feet long, new one is 389 feet.

Buffalo USS Little Rock speed was 32 knots, new one 45 knots.